ROGUE REQUISITE: Comfort & Civilization @ ATA

Last weekend, Mira Belle Jones held her performance “Comfort & Civilization” in the Window Gallery of Artists’ Television Assess (ATA) on Valencia St. Whether or not you saw the performance, read about it in Jones’ own words here on her website. This is hands down the best thing I’ve read all week, and was recommended to me by Ariel Zaccheo, one of the Window Gallery’s organizers (the other is Tessa Siddle), who says: “Check out Mira Belle’s powerful writing on her experience performing in ATA’s Window Gallery. It’s a great read – such a relatable way to broach the topic of women in public space and the development of that space in San Francisco.”

Photo by Luma Jaguar, from

Photo by Luma Jaguar, from

A framed sign explained the performance to viewers:

“Comfort & Civilization: A Performance by Mira Belle Jones & You

I. The artist remains contorted inside a glass display in a gallery window for a period of twelve hours.

II. A vigil is present on the sidewalk outside the gallery. The vigil honors businesses that have closed in recent years due to increased costs of living and property values. Viewers are invited to leave their thoughts and memories.”

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