ROGUE REQUISITE: “Confetti Uncut” by D. Graham Burnett

Ever wonder how humanity came to throwing tiny bits of multicolored paper at one another as a mode of celebration? No?

…How about now? This article is a fascinating read on the etymology of confetti by D. Graham Burnett. Read the entire article at Cabinet Magazine. In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, “Do it now!”

Burnett takes the reader through the etymology and historical significance of confetti, connecting its emergence, existence, and influence with Carnival confections, tribal ritual sacrifice, contemporary athletics, and even the commercial use of silkworms.


Antoine-Jean-Baptiste Thomas’s 1823 lithograph depicting the throwing of confetti during Carnevale in Rome. Courtesy De Agostini Picture Library, A. Dagli Orti, and Bridgeman Art Library. From

Confetti: Tinsel meth of the masses. Paper shrapnel. A phyllobolia of trash, scattered over those to be sacrificed in the twentieth century. -D. Graham Burnett

ROGUE REQUISITE: Comfort & Civilization @ ATA

Last weekend, Mira Belle Jones held her performance “Comfort & Civilization” in the Window Gallery of Artists’ Television Assess (ATA) on Valencia St. Whether or not you saw the performance, read about it in Jones’ own words here on her website. This is hands down the best thing I’ve read all week, and was recommended to me by Ariel Zaccheo, one of the Window Gallery’s organizers (the other is Tessa Siddle), who says: “Check out Mira Belle’s powerful writing on her experience performing in ATA’s Window Gallery. It’s a great read – such a relatable way to broach the topic of women in public space and the development of that space in San Francisco.”

Photo by Luma Jaguar, from

Photo by Luma Jaguar, from

A framed sign explained the performance to viewers:

“Comfort & Civilization: A Performance by Mira Belle Jones & You

I. The artist remains contorted inside a glass display in a gallery window for a period of twelve hours.

II. A vigil is present on the sidewalk outside the gallery. The vigil honors businesses that have closed in recent years due to increased costs of living and property values. Viewers are invited to leave their thoughts and memories.”

ROGUE REQUISITE: Bass & Reiner’s Big BANG!

Bass & Reiner Gallery has its first opening reception tonight, November 22, from 7-10pm, for its inaugural exhibition Bang!, featuring works by Nando Alvarez-Perez, John Ciamillo, Heather Engen, Angela Fox, Malena Lopez-Maggi, Minji Sohn, and Tobias Tovera. A new space in the Mission District, Bass & Reiner was founded by Mariel Bayona, Chris Grunder, Emily Reynolds, and Cléa Massiani.

There’s something magical about a brand-new gallery’s very first opening. The excitement is palpable as young, emerging artists and curators forge new partnerships and, together, blaze new trails through the local art scene. The preparators, who are also likely the co-founders, have to ready the gallery space not only for a new show, but for the inaugural show; tearing out carpet, painting walls, adding gallery lighting, finding people to donate time and materials, renovating whatever multi-use commercial space it was previously, often all on a shoestring budget. All that hard work is an echo of the furious zeal of individuals who want to impact the art world in positive ways and seek to mine their own potential. If that isn’t exciting, I don’t know what is.



If you’re a filthy bandit and a Sade-loving belletrist, who gets his/her/zher kinks and kicks from the aesthetic beauty of the written word, then I’m sending you straight to bed and assigning you Adult Magazine as homework.

Adult Mag has gorgeously fleshy writing that aligns with a gorgeously fleshy look, like a sexy matching bra and panties set. Existing in print form—which the co-founders imagine as a “discrete object…meant to feel like both a secret and a time capsule”—as well as online—“a separate and equal entity…the smartest, and sometimes dirtiest, of chat rooms”—this is one of the most unique publications I have encountered recently.

With regular online columns like ‘Mornings After’, ‘Exposures’, and ‘Belles-Lettres’, encompassing content that is as poetic as it is penetrating, be ready to commit hours to the Internet rabbit hole in which you’ll find yourself. Ease in slow with this article on David Cronenberg by Catherine Miller or dive right in with Can the Cocksucker Speak? by Chelsea G. Summers. This contemporary magazine, co-founded by Berkeley Poole and Sarah Nicole Prickett, is smart, funny, and juicier than an exploding peach. Not to mention, proof that magazines aren’t going anywhere.

Oh, and did I mention Adult Mag is all about sex? Yeah, I think you got it.

Image borrowed from Adult Mag article "I’m Not Myself You See" by LARISSA PHAM

Image borrowed from Adult Mag article “I’m Not Myself You See” by LARISSA PHAM